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          The Hong Kong Japanese chamber of Commerce & Industry originated from the Economic Department of the Hongkong Japanese Club which was founded in July 1955. At this time only 16 Japanese owned companies operated in Hong Kong, but by the middle of 1968 that number had increased to 204.
          With such a dramatic increase, it became essential to form an organization that could dedicate itself to the work of representing members' interests in the Territory, keeping them informed on the Government policy, the effect of which it could have on their operations, forging links with local business groups, and enhancing the economic relationship between Hong Kong and Japan.
          With these aims in mind The Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry was formed on July 15, 1969 with an initial membership of 99 Japanese companies.


          The main objectives are to represent, promote and protect the interests of its members in Hong Kong;

  • To represent the specific interests of Japanese traders in Hong Kong in relation to commercial and mercantile matters.
  • To collect, analyze and distribute commercial statistics and information to interested parties.
  • To organize and hold lectures, meetings, seminars and conferences so as to keep its members abreast of current business developments in Hong Kong.
  • To promote understanding and friendship between its members and other locally based chambers of commerce and similar business associations.

          With these objectives in mind, The Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry hopes that it can contribute towards the further economic development of Hong Kong and its long term stability and prosperity.


Full membership:

Wholly owned Japanese Companies or Japanese Joint Venture Companies engaged in business in Hong Kong

Associate membership:

Any Japanese national residents in Hong Kong who is employed by a corporation, business enterprise or economic organization with a place of business in Hong Kong other than those referred to above.

Any local corporation, business enterprise or economic organisation having Japanese Capital, or business dealings,
or some other special connection with Japan.

Any corporation, business enterprise or economic organisation which satisfies the condition of Full membership but is registered outside of Hong Kong.