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Focus on hot topics, such as salary information in HK/CN, What's New in Asia etc.

We invite specialists on various to topics in Asia and globally. 

​Group Meetings

8 Group hold meetings regularly. You can attend any groups regardless of your company’s nature. HKJCCI also organize lectures, symposiums, business matching, domestic/overseas inspection.

(Schedule may change without prior notice)

Textile・Chemical (Even#2Thu)

Exchange and sharing information on the textile and  chemical industry. Also encourage to have a good communication among members.

Environment & Infrastructure (Even#3Tue)

Expanded the coverage area from the construction industry to environmental infrastructure. Information will be exchanged through lectures and visits.

Technology & Innovation


This group consisting mainly of companies that related to technology & innovation, to exchange and share information.

Finance (Even#3Thu)

Exchange and sharing information on the financial industry.

Transport & Insurance (Odd#1Fri)

Exchange and sharing information on the transportation industries as well as the insurance industry.

Food, Consumer Goods, Retail & Distribution


Provides a forum for information and interaction that contributes to producers, wholesalers, logistics and retailers involved in the value chain around consumer goods, including food.

Tourism & Service (Even#3Wed)

 Information sharing includes not only tourism but also service industries.

Enterprise Support (Even#2Wed)

​Understand the advantages of Hong Kong, disseminate information for the purpose of utilization and conduct support activities. At the same time provides a place for networking.